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a community of growers, sharing seed, tips and data from organic and heritage varieties.

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we are a plant-loving community.

we provide free seed to our members.

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order free seed

our open-pollinated seeds have been saved or donated by other seed savers.

there's something for every patch type, from window box to allotment.

our members can order up to three different packs of seed.

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grow your own

growing is filled with trial and error, some successes, some failure, but lots of joy either way.

we support our community throughout the season with tutorial videos, troubleshooting support, and online and in-person events.

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share your seeds and insights

when the fruits of your labour are collected, we want to know.

we collect data on every plant we grow together. we do this to gain insight into how our food system is adapting to climate and environmental change. we will guide you through the steps of seed saving, to replenish our stocks for next year's growing.

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the mission

gardening for all

gardening has, for a long time, been the pastime of a particular demographic.

it is now undergoing a timely rebrand and we intend to help it along; nurturing a space for a diversity of growers that reflect the society we live in.

let's get growing

we don't all have access to a sprawling kitchen garden, but we do have a creative community capable of turning the pokiest of window boxes into a jungle farm.


we are building a database of growing information on our seeds. why? because understanding how our food system is adapting to the changing climate will inform many of the decisions we make in the future.

natural growing

our aim is to grow in a way that is restorative to soil and biosphere.

seed sovereignty

seed sovereignty is a big topic, one that affects environment, politics, gender, diversity, colonialism, the list goes on... more info on seed sovereignty below.

stamford ugly saved tomato seed

seed sovereignty

why and how?

Seed of Hope Documentary

A short documentary about the work being done by Jeevika Development Society in West Bengal.