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Odawa Bush - French Bush Bean

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Phaseolus vulgaris

History: We originally sourced this seed from the Heritage Seed Library in 2022 and have grown it out from just 10 seeds. We have not tasted it cooked yet as we needed to save as many beans as possible - it is a very rare bean, especially in the UK. It is a half runner-type bean that is named for the indigenous community that stewarded it in the north west peninsula of Michigan with amazing half white, half tan/beige mottling. 

When to sow: April - May indoor, May – June direct

Requirements: nutrient-rich soil, regular watering, and a lot of sun.

When to harvest seed: July - Oct. When beans are fully mature and pods turn brown. In southern England, typically July/later summer.

Need to isolate: No 

Seed Grown: Omved Gardens 

Seed harvested: 2023

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