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Celery Leaf

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Apium graveolens 


Story: Celery leaf is so easy to grow. It looks like large, light green parsley only with a string celery flavour. So much easier to grow than stem celery. Great for the herb garden. 

When to sow: Sow in march, plant out after last frost. Or start indoors 6 weeks before last frost. 

Requirements: Once the seeds have germinated, celery leaf is easy to care for.

Harvesting: Harvest in July and August in southeast England, and use the tender leaves as needed. 

Saving Seed: Celery leaf is closely related to stem celery so can cross with it. Luckily we tend to harvest celery before it has the chance to flower so there is no risk of cross pollination. Allow the celery leaf to go to flower and for the seeds to form and begin to dry on the plant. Once seed heads are brown, cut the entire stems and bring inside to dry fully. Crumble the seeds from their stems, package, label and date. 

Number of plants to save seeds from: 5 minimum

Pollination: Insect pollinated


Please remember, if you’re an individual grower you can order up to 3 packets of seeds. If you order more than this, you will receive just three packs to begin with. This is to ensure we get plenty of data in return and to keep our stocks sustainable for years to come.* 

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