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omved kale

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brassica napus va pabularia


story: this is a variety of russo-siberian kale. russo-siberian kales are typically milder than other kales, and can be eaten raw. we find it to be sweet, tender, and delicious!

when to sow: sow seeds in february and again in september.

requirements: kale does best in full sun but tolerates partial shade. soil needs to drain well and also be enriched. 

harvesting: baby kale of this variety is ready for harvest 25 days after sowing, and full-sized leaves can typically be harvested after 50 days, one important tip is to only harvest the outer leaves if you want successional harvests.


please remember, we will only send out three packs of seed to first-season growers. if you order more than this, you are likely to receive just three packs to begin with. this is to ensure we get plenty of data in return, and to keep our stocks sustainable for years to come.