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Sugar Rush Peach Chili Pepper

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Capsicum Baccatum

Story: a lovely pepper with a pale peach colour and crinkly skin. Like all peppers grown in the UK, it would do better in a greenhouse or conservatory, and will need a long growing season with lots of sun. This did really well for us in past years. 

When to sow: from mid-February to early April indoors in pots or seed trays of seed compost.

Requirements: Free draining soil, and full sun.

Harvesting: late summer/early autumn. When the fruit turns red-coloured, it is ready. Or feel free to pick them earlier for tangier notes.

When to harvest seed: When fully red, late summer

Seed harvested: 2022

Seed contributors: Omved Gardens and SSN members: Rosie Hedger, Emily wites


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