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Purple Peliti - Sweetcorn (red variegation)

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Zea Mays

Story: These seeds were brought to us by Randa and are originally from the Peliti seed festival in the Rhodope mountains in Greece. We first grew it out in 2023. It is unusual in that it is a coloured sweet corn (most colourful corns are grain corn). It was planted in mid May and produced quite well with around 90% of plants making healthy, medium-sized cobs, 10% of plants were barren. Interestingly it grew out in two main colours; one was a deep burgundy/red and the other blueish purple with white flecks and kernels dotted around. We have decided to split the two different seed varieties and grow them out again to see what happens.

As mentioned above, sweetcorn must be isolated at a distance of 500m from other corn varieties to prevent cross pollination. It would work well in a large fenced garden (fences and hedges make a wind barrier; corn is wind pollinated so less distance is needed when a barrier is in place) If they can be grown in a polytunnel, even better!

When to sow: April – June  indoors. After last frost

Requirements: nutrient-rich soil, regular watering, and a lot of sun.

When to harvest seed: July-Oct

Need to isolate: Yes, corn cross-pollinates easily. Ideally only this variety of corn is grown in an area

Seed Grown: Omved Gardens

Seed harvested: 2023

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