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calendula (yellow)

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Calendula officinalis


story: calendula, or pot marigold, is a jewel of any garden. easy to grow and flowering abundantly, the flowers can be used in salads, herbal tissanes, and in infused oils for cosmetic use. it is often used as a companion plant. these are seeds for yellow flowers.

sow: indoors or direct sow once frost has passed.

requirements: sun or partial shade. does well in light soil.

harvesting: pick flowers as needed. it will continue to flower until the first frost. remove flowers regularly to promote growth.


please remember, we will only send out three packs of seed to first-season growers. if you order more than this, you are likely to receive just three packs to begin with. this is to ensure we get plenty of data in return, and to keep our stocks sustainable for years to come.