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Early Fortune - Cucumber

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Cucumis Sativus

Story: This is a ‘real’ cucumber with great flavour and thicker skin than supermarket varieties which means it stores better. It was bred in 1900 by a farmer called George Starr who selected just one plant that fruited early from a whole field of cucumbers.

When to sow: March - April indoors

Requirements: nutrient-rich soil, regular watering, and a lot of sun.

When to harvest seed: July-Oct

Need to isolate: Yes, hand pollination of flowers

Seed Grown: Omved Gardens 

Seed harvested: 2023

Please remember, if you’re an individual grower you can order up to 3 packets of seeds. If you order more than this, you will receive just three packs to begin with. This is to ensure we get plenty of data in return and to keep our stocks sustainable for years to come.* 

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