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sativa late sweetcorn

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zea mays


story: an incredibly successful variety of sweetcorn, sativa late has huge cobs, with great pollination, and its sturdy plants did not fall over in the wind. it tastes lovely, even raw! omved’s holistic gardener, vicky, is very proud. 

sow: sow indoors from mid-april to early may in modules or deep pots. sow directly outdoors when temperatures are regularly over 10 degrees.

requirements: really rich soil, regular feeding and watering. 

harvesting: test for ripeness when the tassels have turned chocolate brown! peel back a bit to see if kernels are formed, then pick and eat!


please remember, we will only send out three packs of seed to first-season growers. if you order more than this, you are likely to receive just three packs to begin with. this is to ensure we get plenty of data in return, and to keep our stocks sustainable for years to come.