Difficulty rating: medium
Suitable growing site: open ground or large pots - balcony, garden or allotment
Days from sowing to harvesting: typically 90-150 days, but varies. 
Risk of cross-pollination: no
When to sow: february – november.  hardy peas (round seeded) can be sown in the autumn for overwintering which results in an earlier crop the following year. wrinkled types can be sown from march through june for summer and autumn harvests.
Requirements: peas grow best in rich, well-drained soil. Add plenty of compost or well-rotted manure and dig in before planting. Peas grow 0.5-2m high depending on the variety and even short peas will require support.
Harvesting for eating: usually from early to late summer. Pick flat pod mangetout varieties while they are still flat and tender. Pick sugar snaps just as pods begin to fill with peas and main crop as the peas grow full and fat. 
Harvesting for seed: allow all pea varieties to grow full and fat and pick on a dry day when the pod skins become papery and thin.
In this video, Vicky explains how to care for and save seed from peas: 

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