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Melothria Scabra

Story: These tiny, grape-sized fruits are green and stripy and look like tiny watermelons. They taste more like a cucumber crossed with a lemon – tangy mouth-sized cucumbers. People seem to love them or hate them; we love them! They grow on delicate but sprawling vines so give them a trellis to grow up, no need to prune, just plant and watch them grow.

When to sow:  March - April indoors

Requirements: nutrient-rich soil, regular watering, and a lot of sun.

When to harvest seed: Leave them as long as possible on the vine – until the vines begin to turn yellow in the autumn. How: Harvest the final fruits when plump and store in a cool dark place for another week or two. Processing: Cut fruits in half and squash out seeds. Run them under a tap in a sieve to wash away as much pulp as possible then dry on a plate or silicon tray in a warm place with good airflow.

Need to isolate: Yes, hand pollination of flowers

Seed Grown: Omved Gardens 

Seed harvested: 2023

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