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This seed was kindly donated to us by Maggie from the Incredible seed library who got the seed from Karen Kildegaard. It is easy to grow and prolific and can be harvested throughout spring, autumn and winter as a cut and come again salad leaf crop. The leaves have a spicy, peppery kick. 

Sow: Feb-Sep

Requirements: Landcress likes cool, damp weather, it grows well in shady spots. 

Harvest: Anytime it is in leaf - usually the cooler months of the year. 

Seed Saving: To seed save from landcress, allow the plants to flower and go to seed - reducing watering in the hotter months will encourage this. Let the seed heads mature on the plant and beging to dry and turn brown. Cut the seed heads and dry fully indoors. Crush the dry plant material to release the seeds, winnow as much of the chaff away as possible. Package, label, date. Save as many seeds as possible to give to family, friends and of course seed saving networks.

Recommended amount of seed to send back: 1 tablespoon or more. 

Photograph curtesy of The Incredible Seed Library