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This seed was kindly gifted to us by Maggie from the Incredible Seed Library. Watercress is delicious and incredibly nutritious. 

When to Sow: March-April 

Requirements: Watercress needs to be kept damp at all times. It does well in a flowing water source - a baby bath or small pond with a pump works great. Alternatively, try growing it in a pot sat in a tray of water - periodically refresh the water by taking the pot out of the tray, pouring away the old water in it and flushing it through with clean fresh water. Allow the water to run through for a few seconds and then place the pot back in its tray - do this once every 1-2 weeks. 

Harvesting: All year except from the coldest parts of winter. 

Seed Saving: To save seed from watercress, simply let it go to seed where it is growing - this can be induced in hot weather by reducing in watering a little. Allow the seed heads to form on the plant and begin to dry out a bit, turning from green to brown. Snip off the seed heads, bring them inside and allow to dry fully then crumble the seeds from their casings with gloved hands. Winnow this to remove as much chaff as possible. Package, label and date and save lots of seed to share with family friends and of course seed saving networks. 

Picture courtesy of Nebula